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I was going through some older archives, from 2 years ago & just having a clear out and found these 3 images. So decided to add them to the Sunset and Sunrises gallery. It never fails to amaze me at how beautiful the North east of England actually is, especially the Teesside area. A 10 minute drive away from the industrial area in any direction will give you either stunning sea views, or stunning countryside.


Head south and you’ll come to Saltburn, steeped in Victorian heritage, and with one of the oldest water powered funiculars, and it’s Grade II listed pier. Head west and very soon you’ll come to the stunning North Yorkshire Moors, where you’ll then be spoilt for choice in whichever direction you choose to take once there

Colin Falcon

Award winning professional photographer

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A river stream runs through it

A river stream runs through it

This shot was taken on a recent visit to Saltburn, where conditions combined to produce a glorious sunsetThe stream runs from Valley Gardens straight into the sea, and gave some nice colours as the light hit it. Available to purchase in the Sunsets and Sunrises Gallery

New shot’s added

New shot’s added

Two new shot's added to the Local Landmarks gallery after I received a request to provide some images of the Fisherman's Huts, located at the South Gare