meWelcome to my online gallery


I’m Colin Falcon, and photography is my passion, which I hope shows through in my work. When I take a picture I don’t see a lighthouse/person/car through the viewfinder, I see an object, lit from various directions, and how I can best use that light to enhance the subject

I try to capture the essence of every subject I photograph. The power of a huge wave breaking over a lighthouse, the serenity of the rising sun over a deserted beach, the acrobatic ability of a kite surfer, the peacefulness of a setting sun sinking below the horizon. Only then, if I’ve achieved this will I be happy with the shot. I am my own biggest critic.

This is how I relax, by taking the images found in this website. It’s my way of winding down away from my other jobs, which are, an event photographer & website designer.

Please feel free to browse around, and if you see anything you like, you have a few purchase options, from large framed prints, to desktop wallapers. Or you can visit my other website Pixvault Event Photography